An Industry Committment


Improving health care systems and access to medicines, especially in the developing world, requires multifaceted approaches and solutions. Research-based biopharmaceutical companies are active partners in some of the largest and boldest health initiatives that explore new and effective ways to provide treatment, care and education to millions of people in developing countries.
We are working to:
  • Strengthen health care systems to deliver better care and treatment
  • Donate and discount medicines for patients in need
  • Develop and deliver innovative diagnostics
  • Provide health care assistance during emergencies and disasters
  • Research and develop new medicines
  • Develop new policy ideas and solutions

Sustainable Solutions

The vision of Global Health Progress initiative is one of creating sustainable improvements in health care throughout the developing world.

Our Work

Research-based biopharmaceutical companies have formed an extensive network of partnerships with governments, citizens' groups and other organizations to help achieve our goals, and progress has been substantial.


Read essays by experts on global health topics. Here they share their thoughts and views on the issues communities face around the world.
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